Inviting guests in

April 24, 2015

Tim* and Lale* live for the sake of Jesus in a remote mountainous part of the country of Georgia. They run a guest house, which has served as a great way to reach people from all over. 

We always pray for the right guests. Recently one came from Afghanistan—a successful young entrepreneur with citizenship outside his home country. He asked why we were living here, so I told him it was because I'm a Christian and had been praying for the people here for years.

He then asked me some of the basic questions about Christianity, including, "What does it mean that Jesus died for our sins?" We talked about this for some time, and then I let it rest for a day. 

The next day I asked him about his religious viewpoint. He told me that, although his family is Muslim, he is considering becoming a Christian.

I urged him not to delay when he felt the time was right, and shared that God would want all of his life, that Bible reading and attending a church are very useful to the Christian life, and about how to pray, etc. 

He has already found a good church in his new home country and is about to start Bible exploration classes. 

We pray that he will follow through, and I plan to connect him with believing friends of mine in the area as well. He also said that this is the most beautiful place he has ever seen, and he would love to buy a house here.

God continues to surprise us with opportunities to reach out of our little mountainous retreat and across the world.

Praise God for bringing people from around the world to the mountain guest house in Georgia. Pray that more would learn about Christ during their stay there.

*Name changed