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Chip Kirk, International Minister

Chip started ministry as a pastor and later moved into more global service aboard OM ships Doulos and Logos II. He is a speaker with a heart for training the Body of Christ.

"I believe," Chip says, "that the greatest hindrance to world missions and evangelism today is a lack of spiritual reality and authenticity in the lives of Christians, which leads to confusion, disillusionment, and complacency. I also believe that the greatest motivation for evangelism and world missions is for Christians to possess and embody a passionate, authentic, and holy love for Jesus Christ. A Christian embracing that intimacy and reality in Christ will not have to be pushed, prodded or manipulated into sharing his or her faith. The only way to stop such followers of Christ is to kill them, and that would be gain."

Motivated by a passion to see the whole world wholly worshipping Jesus Christ, Chip Kirk has traveled and ministered extensively in over 35 nations, on five continents, and in countless ports on OM ships around the world. He communicates that passion through a unique mix of ventriloquist comedy and careful exposition of God's Word. It's a mix that encourages audiences to take the Scriptures seriously, while not taking themselves too seriously. Ventriloquist dummy "Junior" does not always accompany Chip's messages but is made available to set your audience at ease and make way for the powerful truths Chip preaches.

Chip started ministry as a pastor and later moved into more global service aboard OM ships Doulos and Logos II. He is a speaker with a heart for training the Body of Christ. He teaches on topics such as the kingdom of God, temperament analysis, and practical living. His very mission-minded family includes his wife, Stellise, two grown daughters and three grandchildren. Chip and Stellise have served with OM since 1987. You can draw from his wealth of experience at your next meeting as he challenges your audience with humor, honesty, and a heart for God's Word.

To find out more about Chip and his ministry, please visit his website: www.chipkirk.com.


What other people say

"Chip Kirk has preached at the church on several occasions. Our people have always enjoyed hearing from Chip because he is such an excellent, down-to-earth, witty communicator. I had no hesitation about entrusting the pulpit to him because I knew when Chip came to preach he would be prayed up, authentic, Biblical, clear, and challenging. I also know him personally and can testify that he is a man of integrity and humility who loves God and loves people. He preaches the Word and practices what he preaches, doing both in desperate dependence upon Jesus."

Pastor Terre Haas ~ Fayetteville, GA


"For the last number of years, Chip Kirk has been involved in teaching at our OMN new recruits orientation conferences. Of particular benefit have been his insights on personality and the way that they impact team life. The passion that he also has to see people walk a deeper walk with God have left us all with a hunger to experience a closer relationship with Jesus. I warmly commend his ministry to you."

Andy Juliff ~ Operation Mobilization Ships


"It is with great pleasure that I recommend to you Rev. Chip Kirk. On numerous occasions (annual mission's conference, church anniversary, Sunday worship services), Rev. Kirk has spoken at our church. Without exception, God has used him to challenge our people through the faithful proclamation of His Word. His passion for our Lord Jesus Christ and his love for God's people have served to encourage the saints. As a pastor, Chip has been a genuine encouragement to me.

"Thank you for the opportunity to share my recommendation regarding Chip Kirk. For God's Glory."

Rev. Brian Anderson ~ Pastor, Grace Baptist Church


"Chip Kirk is a favorite quest speaker at the House of Prayer. He reaches our youth with passion and creativity that engages them with the living Lord and the Christian life. Chip is often invited to teach at our regular services because he makes the Word come alive with humor, passion and sensitivity. Recently he was the keynote for our Men's Conference -Powerful - Touching - Inspiring - Encouraging - when 75 men responding with a standing ovation that says it all. Chip is always a blessing at our House of Prayer."

Dr. Richard H. Knee ~ House of Prayer Church


Travels From

Hartsfield Jackson Airport, Atlanta, GA


Preferred Audiences

  • Missions conferences
  • General conferences
  • Sunday school classes
  • Teen Camps
  • Sunday Morning worship services
  • Teens
  • Adults


Message Topics

  • P.O.W.E.R.
  • The Gospel of the Kingdom of God
  • Focusing Your Relational Skills (Temperament analysis & practical living)