Poland is home to beautiful medieval architecture as well as woods, lakes, and rivers. Today, only 0.4 percent of Poles are evangelical Christians.

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There are almost 40,000,000 people living in Poland. 78% consider themselves Roman Catholic, while only 0.4% are Evangelical.

Since the collapse of Communist rule, the Catholic Church has reasserted its traditionally strong role in national affairs and desire to establish a state based on Catholic principles and theology. However there is an ever-decreasing number of practising Roman Catholics nowadays as the Catholic Church cannot meet the needs of many Poles who find everyday living a great challenge to face; this leaves many wandering around in a ‘vacuum’, seeking the real truth.

The evangelical witness in Poland is limited, and thousands of towns and villages have no evangelical presence at all. OM Poland exists to assist the Church in evangelism, discipleship and church planting, as well as develop a vision for world missions.


Restoring hope in Poland through partnership with local churches and Christian organisations. Through our partnership with New Life Christian Foundation, we aim to bring hope and new life to people and their families trapped in alcoholism. We reach out to youth at risk of drug abuse, help children with learning difficulties due to family problems, and organise aid for the poor and needy.

Mobilising the local church for God’s mission both at home and abroad through training, discipleship, literature distribution and financial support. Involving young people in short-term outreaches, and partnering with the Church in fulfillment of the Great Commission. 

Challenging and equipping local churches for youth ministry. Restoring hope to the next generation and empowering, challenging and equipping them to share that hope with others through youth work in local churches, English teaching and TeenStreet.

Pray for Poland

Thank You, Father, for Poland with its beautiful mountains and rivers. Thank You for the wonderful people of this country and for the influence the (Catholic) church has on the government. We pray that those who are disappointed by the church but seeking You will find You and experience the ray of hope that You can bring into the darkest situations.

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