Mexico boasts a rich cultural heritage, beautiful beaches, and many popular festivals. Although deeply religious, the country suffers from ongoing gang and drug-related violence.

Mexico is a tourist’s paradise: the beautiful beaches in Acapulco and Cancun are starkly contrasted by the ancient civilizations. Its national identity is reflected by the heritage of its native peoples, their colourful art, languages and festivals; the most famous Mexican festival being The Day of the Dead.

The country is positioned in North America, and it is bordered by Belize, Guatemala, the United States, and the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. The population of Mexico is over 113 million people. A staggering 94 percent of the population are Christian where only 8 percent are Protestant and the biggest denomination is Roman Catholicism, about 80 percent. However, this is significantly different from European Catholicism as it is a hybrid of Roman Catholic traditions and the local religious practices from the Native American ancestry, worshipping idols etc.

So, how does the work of OM fit into this? Mexico was actually the first country that George Verwer, who later became the founder of OM, visited in 1957. He, along with two of his college friends, had a real spiritual burden for Mexico. After much prayer, the three friends sold some of their own possessions to raise money and gave up their summer holiday to distribute Gospels and other Christian literature in Mexico.

Since then, OM has continued to work in Mexico. Our central office is located in the north of Mexico, in the city of Hermosillo, state of Sonora. We also have OM representatives in different parts of the country. They are actively visiting churches to share about missions and how people can get involved.

OM works alongside local churches, to train local believers. We prepare them to serve in missions, and offer evangelism training to local churches.

One of our most effective trainings is organised in the beginning of each year in an intensive week of mission’s camp. This includes learning about the basics of missions and evangelism and putting it to practice in the villages around us.

We look for believers to do short term outreaches. Our main emphasis in Mexico is with the ethnic groups. We also encourage some people to go to short term summer outreaches in Europe and North Africa. Over the years a lot of Mexicans also have participated in OM's ship ministry.

Our focus is social work, short term missions trips, training and church mobilising.

We are involved in a number of projects including:

•        Literature distribution

•        Evangelism

•        Outreach to indigenous tribes

•        Children's clubs, focusing on improving self-esteem

•        Relief work

The living conditions for OM workers in Mexico are good. Workers can come and live in Hermosillo on a budget of 700 USD a month.

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Pray for Mexico

Thank You, Father, for Mexico, a country of ancient civilizations, beautiful landscapes, colorful art and culture. Thank You for starting OM's work in this place and letting it continue to this day. We pray that the animistic Catholicism of Mexico will be replaced by real, living faith in You.

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