Malawi is best known for its friendly, openhearted people and beautiful Lake Malawi. However, the country suffers the highest deforestation rates in southern Africa, which exacerbates major problems like food and water insecurity.

Malawi is a landlocked country in central Africa, best known for the beautiful Lake Malawi and for its friendly and open hearted people. The country is quite mountainous and is bordered by Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania. From 1964 to 1994, Malawi was ruled by one of the world’s longest lasting dictatorships, during which thousands of people disappeared. Eighty-five percent of the rural population lives in poverty, surviving on less than one US dollar a day, yet most inhabitants are business minded, trying to think of creative ways to gain an income. One in three people are HIV positive. Seventy-six percent of Malawi’s population professes to be Christian, 17 percent Muslim and 7 percent other traditional ethnic religions. Despite the seemingly Christian roots of Malawi, Islam has been gaining ground, especially in the south. This makes Malawi the country with the highest percentage of Islam in southern Africa.


In 2005, the OM team went to Malawi on a research mission. A few months later, OM was founded in Malawi.


Our vision is the transformation of people and communities. An integral part of this is to train and empower the locals to take hold of the vision.


We are implementing this through:

  • church planting and mobilisation
  • discipleship and prayer
  • leadership training
  • youth empowerment and skills development
  • health education and taking care of vulnerable people

In the process we are partnering with churches and existing organisations.


You can get involved by praying with us, joining the team, coming for short-term outreaches, volunteering a practical skill (i.e. bricklaying, carpentry) to train others, or supporting the ministry financially.

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Pray for Malawi

Thank You for the beautiful, mountainous country of Malawi. Thank You for the unbroken hope of the people trapped in poverty and their creativity at making money. We pray for the social situation to improve, and that the 'Heart of Africa' will come to Your heart and experience Your love.

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