Millions of tourists flock to Italy every year, drawn to a place where modern and ancient worlds collide. While many Italians identify as Roman Catholic, few understand the Gospel or have read the Bible for themselves.

Thousands of tourists flock to Italy every year - drawn to a place where the modern and ancient worlds collide. Enjoying the history, architecture, culture and art, visitors are also hungry for a taste of Italy's world-famous cuisine and a chance to shop for exclusive fashion designs.

For Christians, Italy holds added attractions

...Imagine having a coffee in a cafe in Rome. Just up the street you can see the Coliseum where so many Christians died because they refused to renounce their faith in Jesus.

...Look across the road and you can see the site where the Apostle Paul was held in chains while he waited to appeal to Caesar!


The majority of Italians are Roman Catholic yet most do not know and understand the Gospel and few have read the Bible for themselves. Occult is widespread and the northern city of Turin (Torino) is a world-renowned centre for Satanism, boasting a 'church' dedicated to Satan worship.

High immigration (especially from North Africa) as well as problems with drug addiction and prostitution are some of the other challenges facing this European nation.


The first OM teams arrived in Italy in the early 1960s. During more than four decades of ministry, countless teams have shared the love of God and distributed thousands of pieces of Gospel literature across this nation.

Today, OM Italy organises short-term outreach across the country, takes a large group of teenagers to TeenStreet in Germany each year. and is involved in sending Italians to serve in other parts of the world with OM.

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Pray for Italy

Thank You, Father, for the sunny and beautiful country of Italy. Thank You for its rich culture and close connection to Christian faith, from the days of Paul to now. We pray that the Italian people will rediscover, experience and pass on Your amazing love; let the power of Your love overcome the power of occultism, prostitution, drug addiction and ignorance in this nation.

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