Famous for its many lakes, Finland is a regular summer attraction for recreational fishing and canoeing. Since the early 1900s, the country has seen a steady decline in Christian affiliation.

Finns have served in OM since 1965 and an office was established in 1975. Since then several thousand Finns have served in OM for a summer or year or longer. Over 35 Finns are in different fields, including an office staff in Tampere. OM Finland's mission is "to inspire and train Christians to go and to send others into world evangelisation."

Our office team represents OM in scores of meetings throughout the country. Every thousandth Finn receives our monthly newsletter, OM Uutiset. OM Finland is a member of several key Finnish mission societies and provides training opportunities for Christians of many denominations.

We also assist in the developing work in Estonia.

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Pray for Finland

Thank You, Father, for the amazing northern country of Finland, with its stunning lakes and beautiful forests. Thank You for the sometimes cool, but very friendly and trust-worthy people of this nation, and also for the great number of Finnish Christians involved in missions. We pray for this officially Christian country to experience a radical revival, and the light of Jesus to flood this spiritual darkness.

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