Canada is ethnically diverse and home to major cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Ottawa. Most of the population identifies as Christian, but opportunities remain to share the Gospel with the more than 20 percent of Canadians who have no religious affiliation.

If you think that going abroad is the only route to serving in missions, think again!

Unlike many people around the world, Canadian Christians enjoy prosperous churches, abundant fellowship, plenty of education and career opportunities, confidence and a future. In fact, they have everything but an excuse for not being dramatically involved in sending and going to the ends of the earth with the Good News of Jesus Christ!

TeamCanada is committed to mobilize Canadians to go, pray, send and grow. Most of our staff are experienced missionaries who have served "out in the trenches" for years and now want to recruit a new generation to take their place.


  1. Challenge Canadian Christians to participate with OM in world evangelism ­ in meetings, media and face-to-face.
  2. Recruit and prepare short-term workers for Global Challenge outreaches (summer), Global Action (1-2 years) and Global Service (skilled career).
  3. Work on funding projects with OM ministries abroad.
  4. Procure development aid from foundations for qualified OM fields and projects.
  5. Co-operate with other mission agencies within Canada to raise mission awareness and share training resources.


Secretaries, bookkeepers, administrators, computer personnel, area representatives and more. If you're comfortable in a small office environment and want to broaden your knowledge of missions, contact us to discuss how YOU might become an integral part of our team. Support staff must be sent out from their home churches and raise adequate financial support. Training will be provided.

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Pray for Canada

Thank You for Canada, a country famous for its lakes, forests and wildlife. Thank You for good education and prosperous churches accessible to the majority of the people. We pray that Canadian Christians can see the blessings they have received, and will become passionate about going out and blessing the lost and the oppressed in Your name.

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