Bosnia & Hercegovina

Bosnia is a land of natural beauty and hospitable people. Yet several years of war have resulted in a corrupt political leadership system and high unemployment rates.

In 1984, Bosnia-Hercegovina hosted the Winter Olympic Games. Eight years later, it was a place of war. Beautiful nature - ruined houses. Hospitable people - with profound emotional wounds. This is Bosnia-Hercegovina, a land of contrast.

Bosnia-Hercegovina is on the Balkan peninsula, in Southern Europe, bordered by Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. It is divided into two entities, the Serbian Republic (49% of the territory) and the Muslim-Croat Federation (51% of the territory), with its capital in Sarajevo. The population is estimated at 4 million people, consisting of Bosniaks (44%), Serbs (31%) and Croats (17%). Major religions include Islam (Bosniaks), Orthodoxy (Serbs) and Catholicism (Croats), with evangelical Christians numbering 800-1'000 people. Due to the recent war and political instability, the country is still struggling economically. The political leadership system is corrupt and complicated and  unemployment rates are very high (50-70% in some areas). People are starting to lose hope for better future.

In the midst of  this, young Evangelical churches are spreading the Gospel of Hope. Before the last war, there were three Evangelical churches in the whole country. Now there are about 25-30 small fellowships and numbers keep growing.

OM started working in Bosnia-Hercegovina (BiH) in 1998. We now have teams in Dobrinja (Sarajevo), Bihać (a mostly Muslim town in the north-western part of BiH) and Mostar (a historical town in the south of BiH). We work very closely with the local Evangelical churches, with a desire to strengthen, support and motivate them in their ministry.

The teams in Bihać and Sarajevo focus on new fellowship development, particularly in Muslim areas.  Since 2006, we are working to promote house churches instead of congregational churches. Through language courses, guitar classes, humanitarian aid, literature distribution and a reading-café we seek to connect with the people at a personal level.

The team in Mostar has a care-giving and counselling ministry, involving teaching and counseling for the leaders of local churches. There is a saying: "Whoever drinks the water in Bosnia, will always come back!" We look forward to offering you a glass of cold water in Bosnia-Hercegovina!

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Pray for Bosnia & Hercegovina

Thank You for Bosnia-Hercegovina, with its scenic beauty and hospitable people. Thank You that Your church has been growing over the last few years. We pray for this emotionally wounded nation, still caught in the destruction of the war; may the gospel of Your hope break through the darkness of violence, poverty, unemployment, alcohol abuse and corruption, bringing light and life to those lost in desperation.

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