Social Sector

We view the Gospel as more than the redemption of individuals — it is the restoration of communities, so that all things may be called “good.”

By stirring compassion and encouraging action, we work to transform entire communities in the places we serve. By creating relationships, we can provide food for displaced refugees, build orphanages for abandoned children, and maintain shelters for abused women.

Often, the most powerful way to impact a community is to ensure that basic social needs are addressed. As these needs are met, we introduce new opportunities for people within the community. Education for children, skill training for adults, and support systems for families all contribute to breaking cultural cycles of oppression.

We also minister in emergency situations where entire communities need immediate attention. In Kurdistan, two million refugees who were displaced by military forces now live in temporary shelters. With local believers, we are providing local and relationally-based assistance to these families.

OM also serves those who are broken and without hope. Women rescued out of trafficking and slavery are given access to safe places where they can participate in long-term rehabilitation. One of these ministries exists in Costa Rica and is known as “Pearl Process.” Women learn how to sew, which gives them a valuable job skill. After class, they remain together for a Bible study, where they discover a renewed joy.

The work is far from over, but because of our commitment to compassion and justice within communities, many more people are embracing a restorative Gospel.

Pray for Social Sector

God, our Creator, thank You for making us in Your image, as immortal souls. Thank You for fashioning us with physical bodies. You declared what You made, "Very good."

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