In areas around the globe where Christian witness is limited, OM is reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a variety of media.

OM has always had a passion for literature distribution, and is now employing a host of other media to communicate the Good News to people around the world — including radio, television, internet, text, and film.

Since its first ship set sail on her maiden voyage to India in 1971, OM has distributed literature that communicates the good news of Jesus Christ. Today the Logos Hope visits ports in Europe, the Caribbean, West Africa, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Arabian Peninsula, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. Visitors who board the Logos Hope not only enjoy live performances, but they also have the opportunity to browse the ship’s book fair, home to over 5,000 unique titles. These books include texts for university studies, professional and career interests, history, science, economics, languages, hobbies, novels, children’s stories, biographies, dictionaries, atlases, and a variety of Christian resources including Bibles, study materials, and books on Christian living.

In some parts of the world like Africa, where over 200 million people are illiterate, creative channels beyond literature are employed to touch the hearts and minds of the unreached. For about 20 US dollars, a solar-powered audio Bible—AudiBible—can be given to someone who might otherwise never hear the Gospel. Just larger than a cell phone, the device’s navigation buttons use symbols rather than words. 

In other areas, OM utilizes radio, television, and even text messages to meet spiritual needs. For over twenty years in Afghanistan, OM’s ministry with Pamir Productions has brought the truth of Jesus into homes of the 80 percent of Afghans who own radios. Now that 40 percent of all Afghans own a television, Pamir produces inspirational video clips and dubs movies in the local language. In response to these radio and television programs, the ministry receives over 100 calls every month from people who want to discover more about faith.

Story plays a foundational role in shaping worldview. That’s why OM invests in film distribution to a global audience of over 30 million people.

In print and digital outlets, through radio waves and broadcast stations, from books to films, OM tells the world’s most important story. And everyday the true story of Jesus Christ’s love for the world changes hearts and lives.

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