At the center of a healthy community sits a healthy church, serving and sharing God’s love.

OM believes that God wants to use the gifts, talents, abilities, and obedience of people in local churches across the country—in partnership with believers and churches around the world—to bring the message of Christ.

From Australia to Spain, from Brazil to Zambia, we believe church planting is a long-term commitment that calls for vision, flexibility, patience, and sensitivity to spontaneous opportunity. This often means working hand-in-hand with national churches that have a vision to establish new fellowships. Intentionally sowing God’s Word can include literature distribution, public meetings and events, or can be more discreet through the use of cutting-edge technologies that help establish fellowships despite cultural opposition. As people come to Christ, they are discipled to grow in their faith and develop into leaders of new faith communities.

In Finland, where the church is losing members, especially students and young people, OM has established an International Church. The Helsinki congregation has attracted members from around the globe, including families from Africa, Europe, South America, and the United States. One member, a native Finn named Tomio, explains,

“Heaven is like the international church because there are different nationalities together. I personally like this multicultural environment. We are really focusing on Jesus. We really care about each other. It’s not that we care only about people who are here, but we care about people who are out there. We also want to reach people.” 

Wherever OM plants and equips congregations around the globe, we move beyond the church’s walls to the unreached.

Here in North America, we’re passionate about serving local churches and helping church leaders guide their congregations to more effective involvement in God’s mission. For over fifty years, OM has organized short-term mission trips around the globe with three main purposes:



Whether its a first step in missions or part of an ongoing strategic partnership, short-term trips get people moving and engaged in other cultures. Most of OM's long-term missionaries got started on short-term mission trips.


We don’t buy into the concept of short-term missions as “vacations with a purpose.”  We believe short-term teams can accomplish significant ministry in partnership with missionaries and local believers. Often a team can achieve in a week or two what might take a missionary weeks or months.


Because short-term mission trips take people out of their comfort zones and into God’s “connecting zone,” they have the potential to produce significant spiritual growth in the lives of participants and churches.


We equip churches to serve through standard OM trips as well as customized trips that help churches design their own outreach. Whether a standard or custom trip, our desire is to walk with you, step by step, through the entire process, and connect you with a life-changing mission experience. 

Pray for Church

God, we thank You for the Church, with its beautiful variety of nations and peoples, ages and stations—all those who follow Jesus Christ, glorifying You as their Heavenly Father. Please equip and strengthen these communities of Christ-followers to build Your Kingdom, to form deep relationships, extend generous compassion, and host spiritual conversations so that those who have not yet heard the Good News about Jesus might believe in Him and follow Him too.

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