Every day, in every society, people engage in a defining activity of life— business.

At OM, we establish partnerships between local entrepreneurs and business people to create transformational businesses.

On the ground, we partner with job creators in small and medium-sized businesses and offer support in a variety of ways based on individual needs. This might be business plan coaching, “investor trips,” consulting, and even financing.

Our unique strategy unites local entrepreneurs, in-country developers, and foreign investors in a common goal — lasting, reproducible transformation with Kingdom values.

We understand that a good business must be profitable and sustainable, but we have an even higher purpose — to glorify God by following biblical principles in every area of life. This extends from ethical relationships and practices, to employee care, to local ministry support, to community leadership, and beyond.

Wherever we invest in communities around the globe, we work toward a four-fold transformation:

  • Social: Ethical relationships with clients, suppliers, and employees; hire the disadvantaged; participate in community life
  • Environmental: Lead the way in sound resource management; develop products or methods that respect creation, reduce waste, and improve efficiency
  • Economic: Generate wealth through sound practices, hard work, and excellence to provide increased gainful employment and the capacity to financially support the poor and other worthy causes
  • Spiritual: Run businesses as worship to God and invest in the personal well-being of employees and their families. Use profits to support local ministries.

Christian business people who want to use their money and business skills to make a lasting impact for God’s kingdom continue to step forward to fund new enterprises. We see more and more lives and communities transformed by God’s grace.

Pray for Business

Father, thank You for the business people whose enterprises support and enrich our lives. By Your grace, humanity benefits from the flow of goods and services. We ask You to empower Christ-followers who are skilled in business to touch souls, even as they impact tables, homes, and workplaces. Use businesses and business people to fill the earth with Your glory, Lord!

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