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In a visual culture, we want to empower artists to engage their creative gifts to exalt God and extend His kingdom among the nations.

One of the most effective ways to connect with people is by engaging their imaginations. Because truth is so frequently received and embraced in most cultures through art, OM employs the arts as a catalyst to engage the unreached. We seize these ripe opportunities to speak to people’s hearts and minds.

Our arts programs provide opportunities for visual, performing, and technical artists to go on short-term mission trips or to engage in career missions in many nations around the world. We work alongside musicians, actors, writers, visual artists, and dancers as they serve through their God-given creativity.

Artists who experience missions with OM are discovering how the Gospel is proclaimed through their vocations. As a result of the training we offer on trips, many participants apply these ideas and practices to their ministries when they return home. Some go on several short-term trips to explore the possibility of further long-term service.

We’ve also designed a four-month experience called "Incarnate" for artists who are passionate about living into the Great Commission. This holistic, hands-on journey happens with a community of other accomplished artists from around the world and includes community life and worship, coursework that examines God’s story and the artist’s own story, as well as studio time for the artist to pursue excellence in the area of his or her established gifts and skills. When artists return home with a more fully developed vision for cross-cultural arts ministry, we continue to support them as they engage their world for Christ.

Bill Drake, director of OM Arts, explains, “Art incarnates worldview. The artistic expressions of any culture invariably express what the culture believes. We are living in a day when biblical truth can be heralded, initiated, expressed, and embodied as never before through the arts. To the extent that the Church engages the arts in expressing the Gospel, it not only mirrors God’s creativity, but also identifies with His mission heart.”  

Pray for Arts & Entertainment

Thank You, Lord, for the power and pervasiveness of art. We are astounded by Your beauty and creativity—thank You for sharing these with mankind, who You made in Your image. But that image is shattered by sin and we need to be recreated in the image of Jesus Christ. Please use Your children, regenerated in love, shining with the light of hope, to dance, paint, sing, and live Your message of restoration and reconciliation to a broken world.

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