Getting an “A” in God’s Strength

June 12, 2018

As Nawyt* heard her name being called to receive her results, the memories of studying for her examinations flooded her mind. It had been a difficult time, and in these moments of waiting the young girl felt like her future lay in the balance.

Nawyt, 13 years old, is a Grade Five student at the School of Mercy, operated by OM's Mercy Teams International (MTI). Her younger sister has just enrolled into Grade One. Both of them stay at the school’s dormitory while attending classes as their home village is very far away. Located in a hilly jungle, this school aims to provide its students with better education opportunities than are normally available, and to train up and disciple young believers.

Before the national examinations last year, political unrest threatened to erupt around the village where the school is located. At the height of the tensions, the school children and teachers were evacuated and hid in safe shelters. When it was safe to do so, some students and teachers returned to school to continue their preparations for the examinations.

So when Nawyt realised that she had gotten an “A” grade and was at the top in her class, despite the unrest, she was elated.

“Even though it was difficult to concentrate on studying for the examinations, I prayed hard and held Philippians 4:13 close to my heart,” Nawyt revealed. “When I trusted God and remembered that He is in control, I was able to focus on my revisions and not worry.”

Nawyt was brought up in a Christian family. Her biological father passed away when she was seven years old and subsequently, her mother remarried. Her stepfather is a Christian and always talks about God.

With two siblings now deceased, she and her sister are the only children in the family. Nawyt remarked, “Even though we only get to see our family during school holidays, my mother is willing to send us to the School of Mercy because she knows that we will be in good hands. My teachers are very committed and take care of us very well in the dormitory. The food provided in the dormitory is better than what we get at home. I don’t think I can get the same treatment and benefits in a public school.”

With her excellent results, Nawty is well on her way to graduate from the school in two years’ time. Thereafter, she wishes to continue her studies and hopes to be a teacher in the future.

*name changed