Bosnia & Hercegovina

Answered prayer- heaps of snow!

April 18, 2015

A lot of people were praying that we would have snow for this winter's Sarajevo Ski/Board Club. Last year, we had very little snow and only went up to the mountain one time. But this year, we were so blessed to have great snow for the entire week. Amazingly, the snow all but disappeared the week after the Club ended. But winter is not over yet! Hopefully, we will still be able to go up a few more times with local youth.

The highlight of the two weeks was going up to the mountain with local youth to enjoy five days of skiing, snowboarding and sharing about life and faith.  Many of these youth were part of the Club last year and the year before, but we also had several come for the first time.

Pray that we can start a monthly youth club with these teens.

The highlight for us at the end of a week of skiing and snowboarding is always the meeting with the parents. It's important to connect what we are doing with these teens with the family, the community and the church. So have this meeting to give the parents not only the opportunity to see photos and videos from the week but also hear stories about their children. We have each teen get up in front of everyone with their personal "trainer." The trainer then shares what they saw in the character and personality of their "trainee" and the teen gets to share what he or she learned.  Often they say they have learned more than just skiing and snowboarding, but about life and friendship.  It is always such a joy and delight to hear these stories and to watch the parents' reactions. In addition, we took the opportunity to have the Bosnian pastor we are working with share about the various ministries of the local church and more about who we are.


Please pray for more opportunities for us to connect these families with the local church.