Country Coordinator for Guyana

To serve as the primary contact for OM to Guyana’s Christian community and to promote missions awareness and involvement by speaking at churches, Christian events, business meetings, etc. To serve in this position, the person would need to live full time in Guyana.


The OM Caribbean team: Our team across the Caribbean is involved in a variety of ministries. Central to our thinking/philosophy is our belief that only the gospel changes people and communities. As Jesus Christ transforms the hearts of local people, churches grow, communities change, and believers grow in their desire to see Christ glorified among the nations. We do tasks, we do ministry, we do development and our passion behind all of this is knowing Jesus Christ and desiring to make Him known. If this is you, then we want to talk with you about the serious possibility of you joining our team.
Job Summary:
1. To serve as the primary contact for OM to the country’s Christian community
2. To promote missions awareness and involvement by speaking at churches, Christian events, business meetings, etc.
3. To develop and raise the country budget for ministry as well as personal support (if needed)
4. To develop a country volunteer team (Working Group) 
5. To recruit local Christians for long-term mission service and for short-term outreaches
6. To develop a prayer network across the DR       
7. To raise funds for key OM international ministry opportunities
8. To assist in the scheduling of OM speakers and leaders visiting the DR, to include transportation, lodging, and meetings
9. To assist with long-term applicant orientation (GMO) if it should be needed

Start Date

As soon as possible

Commitment Length

6-12 months

All jobs/opportunities on this site are unsalaried. Most people joining OM have to raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.

Photos from Guyana

Stories from Guyana

Der unerfüllte Auftrag

Georgetown, Guyana :: Eine Schiffsmitarbeiterin erinnert Bibelschüler daran, dass sie den Menschen in ihrem Land das Evangelium bringen sollen

Christ's unfulfilled command

Georgetown, Guyana :: A crewmember tells Bible school students about the need for the gospel to be shared in her country.

Hoffnung, Güte und Gottesfurcht: die Bestätigung des Premierministers

Georgetown, Guyana: Der Premierminister des Landes drückt seine Freude über den erneuten Besuch der Logos Hope in Guyana aus

Hope, goodness and godliness: PM's endorsement

Georgetown, Guyana :: The country's prime minister shows his appreciation for Logos Hope's return to Guyana.

Worm-free water

Georgetown, Guyana :: Crewmembers travel by boat up a river to deliver water purifiers to remote communities.

Entwurmtes Wasser

Georgetown, Guyana :: Schiffsmitarbeiter reisen mit dem Boot einen Fluss hoch und bringen Wasserfilter in abgelegene Dörfer.