Youth Worker

Young people today are searching for what is real and what works in their lives. They are moving from childhood to adulthood. Some have already started a friendship with Jesus but lack a mentor to disciple them in their relationship with Christ, while others have never heard of Christ. Around the world, there is a tremendous need for full-time youth workers, who have a deep desire to see young people develop in their walk with Jesus. In many circumstances, creativity is needed to find ways to make connections and build relationships with young people. Do you share our passion to see young people discover who Jesus is and be built up to become men and women who follow Him? Consider joining us on this journey!


Participants must preferably be...
* between 18-40 years old
* fluent in English
* passionate for youth work
* a team player
* willing to learn the local language in order to connect better with people
* any skills and/or talents will be added advantage

Please come with an open heart and mind to serve the local community as this outreach is an adventure! May God be glorified and reflected in and through you in your thoughts, deeds and speech.

Start Date


Commitment Length

6-12 months

All jobs/opportunities on this site are unsalaried. Most people joining OM have to raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.

Photos from Malaysia

Stories from Malaysia

¿Quién está dispuesto?

Una trabajadora de Malasia comparte cómo respondió al llamado de Dios ¡el cual es para todos!

Who is willing?

A Malaysian worker shares about how she responded to God's calling - which is for everyone!

Cambiando corazones, formando vidas

Un joven malayo experimenta el amor del Padre, que transforma la relación con su propio padre.

“Dios no lo hizo a mi manera, Él quiso que dependa de Él”

Para He Ping, seguir a Dios en las misiones significó aprender a confiar en Él que proveería para ella y para el cuidado de sus padres mayores.

Loving the Syrian children

Abby reached out to Syrian refugees in east Turkey; the children in particular had a powerful impression on her.

Changing hearts, shaping lives

A young Malaysian experiences the Father's heart for him, which transforms his relationship with his own father.