Venezuela has lush vegetation and a diverse population. However, political uncertainty, corruption, and poverty are ongoing challenges for the Christian church.

Venezuela has an array of beautiful sites including the flat-topped mountains in the east and miles of white-sand beaches fringed with coconut palms on the Caribbean coast. It takes up most of the northern coast of Latin America on the Caribbean Sea. It is bordered by Colombia to the west, Guyana to the east, and Brazil to the south.

Although a staggering ninety six per cent of Venezuelans consider themselves to be Roman Catholic, in reality, only twenty per cent of the population attend mass. These figures make Venezuela the least church going nation in Latin America. The spiritualist movement is also growing, new age beliefs are becoming more and more popular. It is estimated that around eighty five per cent of the population are involved in some way in some form of spiritualist practice.

Venezuela is deeply marked by the privileged position of the Roman Catholic Church and has been since the European colonization. Political uncertainty and instability, violence, corruption, and poverty are some of the common challenges for the Christian Church in this region. The church in this northwest corner of Latin America has been characterized by a slow response to the Gospel. Despite all this, the national church has grown very slowly but steadily. Mission is still a foreign concept for the majority of the Evangelical churches.

In terms of OMs role in mission in the country: there has not been a permanent or formal OM presence in Venezuela as a local ministry serving the national church, although many people have been challenged by the ships ministry and have joined OM’s short term programmes.

The OM Andean Region exists to challenge, encourage and equip the national church in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru to engage in local & worldwide evangelisation and to meet the needs of the neediest.

In order to accomplish the purpose of OM Andean Region in these countries, there are five different streams of focus:

Evangelism - the team aims to work alongside the church and Christian organisation in church planting projects, community evangelisation, and children’s evangelisation, adopting special projects and targeting un-reached groups.

Literature distribution and sales - the team aims to promote a reading culture, providing Christian literature in a variety of subjects to meet the spiritual, emotional and psychological needs of the local community.

Equipping & training -  the team aims to provide formal and informal education to train those willing to serve locally and overseas, and to equip the churches who are willing to stand behind them.  The OM team have developed a formal training school for Cross Cultural Communication and Missions, as well as a variety of curriculums for workshops to equip and train the national church. 

Community Development -The OM Andean Region is bringing hope to prisoners, high risk children, orphans, needy communities; providing crisis prevention, education and distributing goods.

National Church Mobilization for Local & Worldwide Missions -The team are committed to challenge and encourage the church through our different seminars, workshops, global challenge and global action programs to be national champions of worldwide missions.

We would like to see many missionaries and short term volunteers coming to this country to serve the local church and to mobilize Venezuelans to bring the gospel overseas

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Pray for Venezuela

Thank You for Venezuela, with its landscapes reaching from flat-topped mountains to white, sandy beaches. We pray for this officially Catholic nation to experience real faith and life with You. We pray that the church will be able to overcome corruption, violence, political instability, new age beliefs and spiritualism in Your name, so that You will be glorified and seen as the all-powerful God You are in this country.

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