Mozambique is rich in natural resources and has experienced strong economic growth since the end of civil war in 1992. But chronic food insecurity and high incidence of HIV infection remain significant challenges.

Mozambique lies next to the Indian Ocean in Southern Africa. The total population is about 20 million people. Although Portuguese is the official language, Makhuwa is the most widely spoken of the 23 national languages. Two of the largest rivers in Southern Africa, the Limpopo and the Zambezi, flow through the country. To the west, Mozambique borders Lake Malawi, one of the largest lakes in Africa. The country has a few world-famous beaches, among which are Pemba - popular for its beauty and natural protection -  Jangamo, Bilene, Xai-Xai and Inhambane. Mozambique is rich in natural resources – natural gas, coconuts, cashew nuts, sugarcane, cassava, tea and much more, as well as many minerals and much wildlife. Poverty and HIV/AIDS are some of the biggest challenges facing the country (by 2007 16 percent of the population had been infected). Malaria and cholera are problems too, as are the poor infrastructure, education and health systems in the country – all of which were weakened by the civil war.


OM started in Mozambique in 1989, training local pastors and leaders through seminars. This grew into a discipleship-training programme, and since 1999, the aim has been to train Mozambicans as missionaries to the least-reached areas of Mozambique. Since 1995, our central base has been in Mocuba, in the Zambezia province. Our ministry areas include Mocuba (Missionary Training Centre), Incaia (Mobilising Mozambican churches for missions), and Mecula (planting churches).


Our vision is to train missionaries and pastors, translate the Gospel into local languages, establish Christian bookstores and libraries, accommodate visitors, plant churches and mobilise Mozambican churches into missions.


We are doing this by:

  • training Mozambicans for missionary life
  • training Mozambicans to plant churches
  • engaging people to work with us in the area of communication, literature or our library


You can join us by:

  • praying
  • giving a part of your life to missions in Mozambique (about 2 years)
  • helping with practical work
  • training Mozambican people in missions
  • sending missionaries to plant churches
  • donating books to the Mocuba OM Library

Contact: [email protected]

Pray for Mozambique

Thank You for the beautiful landscapes and wildlife of Mozambique, the 'Land of Smiles'. Thank You for the mission training going on for Mozambique Christians. We pray that the power of Your love will overcome the social problems due to a poor infrastructure, educational and health care system; let the people of Mozambique get to know You and experience the joy that only You can give.

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