Morocco has a distinct blend of Arab, indigenous Berber, African, and European cultures. However, only small fellowships of believers can be found.

For over 25 years, OM teams and individuals have been praying for and serving among the people of North Africa to see Muslims encounter and experience God’s life changing love through Jesus Christ. Focusing primarily on evangelism, prayer, and Gospel literature distribution, thousands have helped saturate this region with Biblical truth. Today, we are seeing the fruit of those pioneers as OM teams continue to serve in the region through church planting in unreached areas and Gospel sharing with friends and neighbors. Cultural immersion and language acquisition help OM workers build lasting bonds with friends and open doors for evangelism in the heart language. Teaching, NGO work, and numerous business opportunities provide practical avenues to serve the community and build bridges by meeting everyday needs. Regular team and prayer gatherings provide support and encouragement for OMers who continually interceed for God's spirit to pour out streams of living water in a dry land.


Evangelism: Our primary goal of living and working in North Africa is to share the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. Gospel literature distribution, practical business and volunteer opportunities, language studies, and living with integrity and intentionality help OMers build lasting relationships and communicate the power and love of Jesus Christ.

Professional Opportunities: Language teachers, business professionals, writers and visual communicators, physical and occupational therapists, as well as those with social and community development experience have numerous opportunities in North Africa. OMers utilise their highly valued professional background and skills to serve the community and build relational bridges for Gospel sharing.

Mentoring and Discipleship: Valuing the individual skills and giftings of individual members, the long-term OM teams in North Africa strive to support and equip OMers to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. An extensive training program for new members offers practical information on settling into daily life, cultural adaptation, language learning, and evangelism.

Learning Arabic: Learning the heart language is intrinsic to effective Gospel witness. A variety of language learning options are available within the region, ranging from formal classrooms to private tutors.

Short Term Exposure: Short-term programs ranging from one week to two years, offer participants opportunities to partner with existing OM teams and exposure to North African culture. Gospel literature distribution, prayer walking, evangelism and providing practical support to long-term teams, help participants discover how they can contribute to the work in North Africa. 


PRAY - Pray for this dry land to be flooded with streams of God’s living water. Pray for powerful  dreams and visions and for others to help with understanding. Pray for the media and online resources reaching individuals in isolated regions and the following-up. Pray for the existing local church to mature in faith and to stand against a spirit of fear.

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  • Population: 32 million 
  • Languages: Arabic, French, Berber (Tamazight)
  • Religions: Sunni Muslim 99%, other 1% (including Christian, Jewish)
  • State of Economy: Morocco has a diverse economy including agriculture, phosphate, and textile sectors. Due to the close proximity to Europe, tourism and export agreements continue to increase. While King Mohammed VI has experienced relative economic growth in recent years,  Morocco struggles with unemployment, poverty, and illiteracy especially in rural regions.
  • State of the Church: Small fellowships of Muslim background believers can be found scattered across the country. Large areas of the country have no believers.

*Stats from The World Factbook (

Pray for Morocco

Thank You for the diverse country of Morocco, with a unique mixture of ancient and modern. Thank You for the many positive changes the country has experienced in the areas of technology, business, education and help for the disabled. We pray that the small Christian community can use the increasing openness of the Moroccans to spread Your gospel and speak the hope desired by everyone into a nation marked by poverty and illiteracy.

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