India is a pluralistic, multilingual, and multiethnic society. But it is one of the most overcrowded nations, where high levels of poverty and malnutrition persist.

OM’s work in India began in 1963 when the first long, overland truck arrived in the country. OM’s international workers came alongside Indian national Christians in partnership to be loving witnesses. Over the years, as the work in India developed, the national believers gained valuable experience and developed strong ministry skills.  Gradually the international workers handed over the work to the nationals.  It was this significant event that was the strategic turning point for OM in India.  The humble work that began with only a few dedicated workers had grown to an indigenously-run movement of Indian believers.

In 2012, OM India became the Good Shepherd Church of India, a separate, autonomous church-based movement led by Indian nationals, which now partners with OM. Operation Mobilisation India still functions in India and is part of the overall work of the mainline Good Shepherd Church of India. The Good Shepherd Church of India is an inter-caste, inter-racial and inter-ethnic movement demonstrating the unity of the body of Christ. It works in the fields of education, healthcare, economic empowerment, women's empowerment, anti-human trafficking, literature, and the building up of disciples of Christ in the Church. The movement serves those who are poor or marginalized, including Dalits, tribals, other backward castes, and women, showing practical and unconditional love in the name of Christ. It does not encourage or support any forced, fraudulent or inducement-driven “conversions" to Christ. The movement also builds bridges of understanding and love with people of all major faiths in the nation. The Good Shepherd Church of India is in fellowship with all Christian denominations and groups where Christ is worshiped and honored as Savior and Lord. The movement is fully committed to the integrity and unity of India and the holistic development of her people.

Pray for India

Thank You, Father, for the amazingly diverse and colorful culture of India. Thank You for the incredible growth Your church has seen and for its potential to become greater still. We pray for the incredible number of people who don’t know Your love. Lord, bring full-life change to the nation.

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