France boasts one of the richest cultures and histories in Europe, unmatched in its landscape and architecture. However, the nation remains spiritually poor, with only six evangelical Christians for every 1,000 inhabitants.

France has a population of 65 million people and is the most visited country in the world. Every year, over 80 million tourists flock from all over the world to visit famous sights like the Eiffel Tower. Yet this nation remains spiritually poverty-stricken with only six evangelical Christians for every 1000 inhabitants. Islam has become the second largest religion after Catholicism yet only a small minority of the 4.5 million Muslims have ever heard the gospel. Official secularism masks a great spiritual hunger as many people turn to mediums and occult practices in their search for hope and meaning in their lives.

OM France exists to partner with the French church in training, discipleship and missions.  They are meeting the great challenges in France through church planting, creative outreaches with local churches, youth ministry and a support team enabling other ministries to function well.


Working closely with pioneer church planters, OM France year teams and short term campaigns have been focusing on the Loire Valley region of France for the last nine years.


Around two million Muslims, mainly from North Africa, live in the capital, Paris. A team is working to share God's love with this community in partnership with local churches and other missions.


OM France provides exciting opportunities for people to share the Gospel during a short-term outreaches alongside French churches. Summer, spring and autumn teams make a valuable contribution by establishing new contacts which can be followed up by the year team.


The office team in the Paris provides logistical support in administration, IT, personnel, finance, communication and organisation of short-term events.

Pray for France

Thank You for the country of France, with its amazing history and very distinct culture. We pray that You will reveal Yourself to those lost in the official secularism of the nation; be the answer to their search for the meaning of life. We also pray for the many Muslims in France, let them receive the gospel and be changed by Your word.

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