Egypt has one of the most enduring histories in the modern world and maintains spectacular relics from antiquity. But today, its legal system, state education, and family life remain largely opposed to Christianity.

Egypt is unique as “omidduniyya” as the local people would say “Mother of the World” acknowledging the long history of the country, back through the Pharonic ages.

Land of pyramids and sand, sand and even more sand, where labour related to the tourist industry accounts for around 70% of the work force.

The cities of Cairo, 20 million, and Alexandria, 5 million, are a blend of modern and traditional in all areas of life including clothing, means of travel and the food we eat. And if you do not have a mobile phone you are definitely in a minority!

Out in the villages of the Nile Valley and Delta, across the North coast and the Sinai Peninsular life moves at a slower pace with back-breaking slow labour for those “fellaheen” working in the rice, cotton and vegetable fields where you will see many more donkeys and water buffalo at work than anything mechanical!

Islam controls the legal system, state education and to a large extent family life. Around 80% of the 80 million people are Muslims. The Al Azhar Islamic university in Cairo seeks to train and send out hundreds of Muslim missionaries each year.

For Christians the presence of the Bible Society and several Christian publishing houses are a source of great encouragement to the church, along with TV (SAT 7 and the Miracle Channel) and radio.

Most Christians are Coptic Orthodox in origin, with more and more of them coming to personal faith in God, also those from a Muslim background.

Egypt is changing and in the midst of that God is also changing hearts and lives as He works to build His Kingdom!

Pray for Egypt

Thank You, Lord, for the great nation of Egypt, so rich in old traditions and modern cultural aspects. Thank You for all You have been doing in this country, drawing more and more people to You. We pray for the unstable situation in Egypt, for ISIS' power to be broken and for the persecuted Christians; strengthen their faith and let them be a light in the middle of terror and violence.

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