Ecuador is a land filled with contrast and color. Although the number of evangelicals has grown considerably over the last five years, the country still has a Catholic majority.

Ecuador is a land full of contrast and colour. It is divided in four regions: the Galapagos Islands, the Pacific Coast which features beautiful beaches, the Sierra with the majestic Andes and the Amazon Jungle with its tribes and history.
Although Ecuador is a predominantly Catholic country, the number of evangelicals has grown considerably over the last five years to around twenty per cent of the population.
OM began its work in 1991 and through various ministries and services within the country it has developed good relationships with churches and Christian leaders.
The Andean Region Field was created in 2003 as an OM Latin American initiative with the purpose of pulling together the resources and potential of four small countries in the northwest corner of Latin America.  The Andean Region is made up of Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador & Peru.
Approximately 105 million people live in these four countries, a region deeply marked by the privileged position of the Roman Catholic Church since the European colonization.  Political uncertainty and instability, violence, corruption, and poverty are some of the common challenges for the Christian Church in this region.
The ministry of OM in Ecuador and Peru has been quite stable and consistent during the last 16 – 19 years respectively in each country, approaching the national church as a local resource for ministering locally and challenging/training people to serve on the mission field.
OM Andean Region is looking to partner with churches and organizations in order to expand its scope of ministry to reach the most un-reached & needy people in our communities with a holistic gospel. 
We are based in Guayaquil which is the largest city in Ecuador.  This is the central office that provides administrative support for the ministry in the other three countries.

In order to accomplish the purpose of OM Andean Region in these countries, we have focused our efforts in five different streams:
Evangelism - the team aims to work alongside the church and Christian organisation in church planting projects, community evangelisation, and children’s evangelisation, adopting special projects and targeting un-reached groups.
Literature distribution and sales - the team aims to promote a reading culture, providing Christian literature in a variety of subjects to meet the spiritual, emotional and psychological needs of the local community.
Equipping & training - the team aims to provide formal and informal education to train those willing to serve locally and overseas, and to equip the churches who are willing to stand behind them.  The OM team have developed a formal training school for Cross Cultural Communication and Missions, as well as a variety of curriculums for workshops to equip and train the national church. 
Community Development - the OM Andean Region is bringing hope to prisoners, high risk children, orphans, needy communities; providing crisis prevention, education and distributing goods.
National Church Mobilization for Local & Worldwide Missions -The team are committed to challenge and encourage the church through our different seminars, workshops, global challenge and global action programs to be national champions of worldwide missions.
Although Ecuador is a small country, you can enjoy the diversity of scenery and cultural of four completely different regions. The country is living an exciting time when the church is beginning to dream their place in world missions.
There is still much to be done and a harvest waiting to be reaped. You can be part of the exciting things God is doing in the middle of the world. There are plenty of ministry opportunities with OM.  If you would like more information about the work we do, contact us at  [email protected]

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Thank You, Father, for this amazingly diverse country with it's islands, mountains, beaches and rainforests. Thank You that Your church has been experiencing growth. We pray that it will continue to multiply despite struggles with political instability, corruption, violence and poverty.

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