Czech Republic

The Czech Republic was once rich in Christian tradition and history. Today however, an estimated 70 percent of the population does not believe in God.

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In spite of a rich Christian history, the Czech Republic is a secular country. About 70% of Czechs don’t believe in God. Since the fall of communism in 1989, the country has become increasingly obsessed with materialism. Many sects and cults have seen this religious wasteland as an opportunity to plant their own seeds. The need to influence our country with the Gospel is stronger than ever, as well as the need to increase our country’s involvement in world missions.

In partnership with the Czech Church, OM Czech Republic motivates and resources the sending and involvement of believers into world missions, and helps facilitate the multiplication of local churches.

One of our priorities is to help Czech Christians and the Czech church take their share of responsibility for world missions. As a predominantly atheist nation, the Czech Republic is traditionally a nation that receives missionaries. We want to be instruments of change to make this a sending nation. Through missions presentations to all denominations throughout the country, we present opportunities for Czechs to become more involved in world missions. Our scope also reaches to the Slovak Republic, where OM is not yet established.

Another priority for OM Czech Republic is to see people come to Christ. Since the establishment of OM in the Czech Republic, we have been involved in starting churches. We seek to build relationships within our community through our ECC language school. By offering English classes to the community, as well as English home Bible studies and summer English camps, the OM base in Ceske Budejovice has become a place to reach out and build relationships with local Czechs. This is often the first step in being able to present the Gospel.

We also focus on younger Christians through the annual TeenStreet conference held in Germany. Every year we bring young Czechs to this camp, where they have the chance to strengthen their Christian walks and connect with Christian youth from around Europe.

Through partnership with other mission organisations within the Czech Republic, we present "missionary weekend" presentations throughout the country. We have also begun working with KAM (Academy for Young Christians) to help develop young people for a future in Christian leadership.

Pray for Czech Republic

Thank You for the beautiful Czech Republic and its diverse people. We pray that the power of different sects and cults in this formerly Christian nation will be broken and that the people will rediscover You and the love and hope You have to offer.

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