Argentina is characterized by rich culture and varied geography. Historically, the country has struggled with military dictatorship and severe economic difficulties.

Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world and has some of the world's tallest mountains, expansive deserts and impressive waterfalls.

About 40 million people live in Argentina; about 10 percent are Evangelical Christians. Throughout history, the country has struggled with military dictatorship, a lost war over the Falkland Islands, and severe economic difficulties.

The Logos II visited Argentina in June 1999, which helped expose the OM ministry and world missions to the local churches and Christian community. This exposure built new relationships and strengthened existing relationships with churches. Though Argentina has been seen primarily as a nation to receive missionaries, many churches within the country have begun to catch the vision of missions and understand the needs of the Church around the world. OM sees the potential to send many missionaries from Argentina and the desire is to help train, recruit and send missionaries into the least evangelised countries in the world. The goal is also to serve the church within Argentina and help mobilise people for world missions.

Most missionaries sent by OM from Argentina live in the rural parts of the country, and OM has realized that there is very little vision and concern for missions in the larger cities. OM Argentina has teams in both Buenos Aires and Cordoba, the two largest cities in the country, and works to build relationships with churches and cast the vision in both places. OM Argentina also holds regular seminars and evangelistic outreaches throughout the country.

There are some practical ways you can become involved in this exciting ministry. We would like to extend this special invitation to you. There is a place for you in Argentina, to know the people, to discover the culture, to share God's love and to be used as an instrument of the Lord.

Pray for Argentina

Thank You, Lord, for the diverse colors of Argentina, from mountains towering over waterfalls to scrubby desert landscapes. Thank You for the people You have placed here, and thank you that the wars of the past have not been able to destroy them. We pray that the churches in cities and villages will see their potential, hear the call to world missions and support those who are willing to go.

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